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J&D Fence Pros LLC
Birmingham,  Alabama  352-281-5091  
We have a 2005 Chevy 4*4 1500 with a 15 foot trailer with straps and tarps available.
hot shot - hotshot
Looking for small quick loads.

Best quality and prices guaranteed. Give us a call.
Tuesday  01.14.2020
A&R International Transportation
Indianapolis,  Indiana  317-400-7739  
Active Authority. Experienced Commercial drivers. Ready to transport safely and on time.
hot shot
2011 Ford F-350 with 25+5 Gooseneck Trailer. 12,000 pound weight capacity.

MC: 1091997
Tuesday  01.14.2020
Johnson Trucking Co
Stedman,  North Carolina  910-813-4697  
3500 Dodge Laramie, 35' Diamond C gooseneck trailer w/ramps, 18000 lbs capacity, insured.
hot shot - hotshot
I run under my own authority. In business since 2005.

Will haul in any of the 48 lower states.

Our goal is to get your freight to its destination safely and damage free." We treat your freight like it is ours."
Tuesday  01.14.2020
Powers Premier Transportation LLC
Chicago,  Illinois  312-618-2600  
We have 5 Ford f350's and 5 40ft Hotshot trailers with tilt capability. We can winch on or off.
hot shot
Looking for consistent/dedicated freight.

We can haul up to 15,000lbs and up to 40ft Long.

Please call and ask for Kay 312-618-2600
Tuesday  01.14.2020
B&M hotshotters
Bardstown,  Kentucky  502-649-2487  
Recently upgraded to semi and stepdeck have 2018 f350 and 2019 40ft with airride lift axle monster ramps for sale
hot shot - hotshot
32k for truck 15k for trailer
Monday  01.13.2020
A to B Hot Shot Couriers LLC
Fremont,  Nebraska  615-979-1796  

25' to 40' gooseneck flatbed service (Available 24/7), up to 20,000lb capacity payload
hot shot

Fully licensed/insured with MC/DOT authority for your local and interstate courier needs:
Steel products - Flat sheets, beams, tubing, stairs, railings
General freight - lumber, piping, insulation, construction materials
Industrial products - HVAC units, equipment, machinery

Deliveries to and from: Manufacturing plants, factories, commercial paint shops, sand blasting facilities, galvanizers, construction sites, residential etc.

Need it hauled from A to B? Call me! 615-979-1796 or

DOT# 3056700
Monday  01.13.2020
M.A.C Transport Services LLC
San Antonio,  Florida  352-424-8994  
Hot shot 38 ft gooseneck up to 22,000 lbs.
Friday  01.10.2020
Kyle Myers Transport
Oklahoma City,  Oklahoma  405-999-7255  
Tow-away service transporting travel trailers, horse trailers, boats, etc. 10,000 lbs or less.
hot shot - hotshot
2018 Ram 2500
Friday  01.10.2020
New Camino Logistics LLC
Arcadia,  Louisiana  318-607-2856  
2019 dodge ram 3500 2020 bigtex 40'trailer my max capacity is 16,500.lbs
hot shot - hotshot
We are willing to haul anywhere in the lower 48 states
Wednesday  01.08.2020
DMD Hotshot
Dallas,  Texas  903-917-6174  
Hotshot Carrier with 2018 Dodge Ram 3500 and 20 ft gooseneck trailer

Maximum Load: 10,000 lbs
Friday  01.03.2020
Polar Bear Loads LLC
Cape Coral,  Florida  972-296-4277  
Polar Bear Loads LLC VOTED #1, Hot Shot Masters
hot shot hotshot
We are the first dispatch service in the USA Open 10 years YOU WANT EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE WHEN IT COMES TO KEEPING YOUR FAMILY FED.

We currently have 4 new openings on our Boards for Owner/Ops.

We are looking for Owner Operators who have their Own Authority and need Loads consistently and are serious over the road drivers. We will keep your company on the move and in the money at every moment possible. You want experience on your side.
Weigh the odds:
1. Per hour dispatcher $2-$3,00 per week for you. That charges extra to submit your paperwork.
2. One that works on commission. $6-$9,000 per week for you with no extra charges?
Easy answer

Our average money with loads is $6,000--$10,000 (PER WEEK) (AVERAGE) depending on the route they are on. Current average: $5,600-$9,350 (Per week) This is for 40ft Flatbed Hot Shots
RGN (averages) $14,000-$19,000 (per week)
Out 2 weeks, Home as long as you like.

You are assigned (1) dispatcher, somebody is always on call for breakdown help or motel search or any trucking issue.

We handle the paperwork process for you, we find discount fuel, find repair shop if needed and discounted hotel rates, and much more.


We book loads for the following units:
Hotshot Flatbeds(30ft-53ft)
RGN and Step decks. (ALL 30Ft to 53ft)
Van and Reefer (48ft-53ft)

We don't promise the world but, but we are upfront with you. If you are making pickups, then you are making money. If there is an empty space on trailer there is money to be made and we will load every spot we can.

We have multiple offices throughout the country to serve you throughout the country. It doesn't matter where you live, this does not limit where we find loads. Your assigned dispatcher can help you.

Come join the Polar Bear Loads dispatch service & let us be part of your team.

For more info please call (Recruiting) at 239-673-8228 or 972-296-4277 Candie or you can email ( ) OR (

*My husband drove for 24 yrs. and has over 3 million miles behind him all as an O/OP. He also drove the Alaskan Ice Roads. We know what it takes to succeed.

Very easy and no hidden fees. What we do is in writing.
Thursday  01.02.2020
Shah Transport
Pleasant Grove,  Alabama  205-401-1096  
I am an owner-operator with my own authority; I have a semi truck with a 53-foot trailer. I am interested in hotshot loads. hot shot
Sunday  12.22.2019
Red Ball Expediters
Sikeston,  Missouri  312-252-9775  
Red Ball Expediters was started by U.S. Naval Academy graduates. We are building this business based on consistent, exemplary service. Our motto is "We Strive to be Better" and are laser focused on continuous process improvement. We welcome and take your feedback seriously. Red Ball is small enough that should you have a concern, it will likely be addressed by one of the founders.
hot shot
Our equipment is late model and never more than three years in age. Take your Carrier relationship to the next level. Give us an opportunity to earn your trust and we will not disappoint.
Sunday  12.22.2019
WGK Logistics LLC
Claxton,  Georgia  912-805-1410  
We have a fleet of trucks that run 45 ft hotshot trailers with mega ramps and winches. We can do local or long haul. We have teams that run as well and will have your freight delivered on time or in most cases at least a day early.
Friday  12.20.2019
Front Range Transport LLC
Colorado Springs,  Colorado  719-355-0662  
2019 Ram 3500 and 35ft flatbed gooseneck with winch 16,500 payload. hot shot
Thursday  12.19.2019
Pigwater Trucking
Morriston,  Florida  727-309-6624  
Can haul 40 Feet, 18000 Pounds.
hot shot - hotshot
Freight, Trucks, SUVs, Tractors, Backhoes, etc; Tarped or untarped, anything up to 18000 Lbs.

Fully insured and very reliable.

Call Mike anytime 727/309/6624
Monday  12.16.2019
S & S Transportation & Fabrication LLC
Georgetown,  South Carolina  843-240-8892  
40FT Gooseneck Trailer. I can haul up to 12000LBS hot shot - hotshot
Monday  12.16.2019
Lion Heart Trucking LLC
Upper Marlboro,  Maryland  240-351-2437  
Owner Operator Based in Maryland will run all 48 states but east coast to midwest is preferred.
hot shot - hotshot
I operate a F250 with a 28" PJ flatbed Gooseneck trailer. I can can haul up to 10k with monster ramps.

Fully ensured with my own Authority......Ready to run give me a call.
Saturday  12.14.2019
Tuff Hauling LLC
North Dinwiddie,  Virginia  804-926-3634  
36ft gooseneck trailer up to 21000lbs pay load. hot shot - hotshot
Wednesday  12.11.2019
Wolf Street Logistics LLC
Goodyear,  Arizona  559-308-2560  
Owner Operator Leased to KLX LLC MC1007986, I run a 2019 Ram 3500 dually with a PJ 40' air ride flatbed Gooseneck trailer with monster ramps always ready to provide reliable, honest top notch service licensed to run all 48 states. hot shot - hotshot
 www.wolfstreetlogistics.comTuesday  12.10.2019
Mad Badger Transport, LLC
Meridian,  Idaho  208-871-3174  
Owner/Operator with 15+ years experience with all types of loads.
hot shot
2007 Ram 3500 Megacab 1 ton dually 4x4 and 40' Gooseneck. Maximum payload - !9,200 lbs.

Fully insured and bonded. Same day service welcome!
Saturday  11.30.2019
Superior Trucking LLC
Otsego,  Minnesota  612-964-7539  
2018 Dodge Ram 3500 - 2018 Kaufman EZ 4 car hauler. With winch hot shot auto hauler
Sunday  11.24.2019
All Haul Inc.
Burtonsville,  Maryland  301-523-0567  
We have 5 trucks Ford f350x3, 2016 f450 and 2019 f450 and have been hauling heavy equipment for well over 20 years for our own companies, hauling boats since 1992 and cars & trucks & motorcycles since 1990.
hot shot - hotshot
While we have the equipment and trailers I decided to start hauling as another business being tired of seeing trailers and trucks sitting around our lot.
 www.midsbuilders.comThursday  11.21.2019
Priority Power Dispatch
Anniston,  Alabama  256-239-7042  
We dispatch Hotshots, Flatbeds, and Stepdecks. I'm looking for 2 or 3 owner/operators who have their Equipment, Authority, and Insurance and ready to roll.

We have over 20 years driving and dispatch experience.

We are a small office; with very little driver turnover. Find out more. Text me direct 256-239-7042
Wednesday  11.20.2019
A & P Transport, LLC
Killeen,  Texas  254-458-4120  
Hotshot carrier based out of Killeen / Fort Hood Texas

2019 GMC Sierra 3500 HD Dually

36ft Gooseneck Trailer rated at 14,000
Sunday  11.17.2019
Fire on the Mountain Logistics Inc.
Denver,  Colorado  720-435-3373  
1 ton Ram Dually, and 30 foot trailer. hot shot - hotshot
Sunday  11.17.2019
Weiler Forestry
Lagrange,  Georgia  706-443-7901  
Forestry Equipment Manufacturer. hot shot
 weilerforestry.comTuesday  11.12.2019
PC&D Trucking
Houston,  Texas  404-449-3545  
Hotshot Carrier with 2019 Dodge Ram 3500 and 40 ft gooseneck trailer

Maximum Load: 17,000 lbs

Need Dispatcher to keep me running
Tuesday  11.12.2019
42 Transport LLC
Canton,  Texas  903-340-1761  
Hot shot and LTL carrier.

Full authority and insurance. Flexible and easy to work with.

Freight, autos and equipment all accepted.

Currently running a single F350 with 25' flatbed dovetail with ramps. Can haul up to 12k pounds.
 www.42Transport.comMonday  11.11.2019
BalZam Carriers
Mercedes,  Texas  956-336-8985  
Hotshot carrier with a 2018 Dodge 3500 and 40' gooseneck has ramps and is rated for 17,000.

Love running Texas Region.

Will do last min urgent loads. Always ready and available with a phone call away
Monday  11.11.2019
Maybranch Logistics LLC
Houston,  Texas  318-317-8956  
Hotshot Carrier with 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 and 40 ft gooseneck trailer

Maximum Load: 16,000 lbs
Monday  11.11.2019
Mcgriff Logistics
Dallas,  Texas  214-709-1810  
3 power units (1 ton trucks) and 3 40ft. Gooseneck trailers. hot shot
Sunday  11.10.2019
Right on time expediting servi
Wrightsville,  Georgia  478-232-8401  
Hotshot with 30ft flatbed with ramps.

Love to run in the Southeast region.

Will do last minute expedited loads.

Will pickup and deliver on weekends.
Friday  11.08.2019
Bitsko Trucking LLC
Stansbury Park,  Utah  435-224-4720  
Hotshot carrier based in Salt Lake City area.

Ram 5500, 40 foot gooseneck, can carry 17,000 pounds.

Running to lower 48 states and Canada.
Monday  11.04.2019
West Coast Stoughton Trucking LLC
Glendale,  Arizona  602-301-1092  
16 yrs. driving experience. CSA score excellent.

Starting Hotshot business. Looking for loads in South Western States. Same day and over night delivery.
Thursday  10.31.2019
Sipes Tractor And Transport Services (STATS)
Mesa,  Arizona  480-599-3351  
We have a variety of hotshot trailers available.

We have a 24' flat bed dove tail, 18' Dump trailer, 25' gooseneck flatbed.
Tuesday  10.29.2019
Elston and Elston Enterprises, LLC
Wentzville,  Missouri  636-281-6105  
Hotshot carrier. Under 26,001 pounds. One ton dually flatbed.

CDL also 40 foot gooseneck deck over.

Fully insured. DOT 3270125. MC 1032207.
Tuesday  10.29.2019
W&S Transport LLC
Leola,  Pennsylvania  717-413-5603  
We are a small family owned hot shot company. We move freight all over the United States excluding California Alaska and Hawaii.

2015 F350 30ft gooseneck flatbed can haul 10,000lb.

2016 F250 22ft flatbed can haul 11,000lbs

We also have a 40ft gooseneck flatbed can haul 15000lbs.

Call Shawn Sloan owner 717-327-3209 or Wayne Cline CEO 717-413-5603
Monday  10.28.2019
K&K hotshot trucking llc
Taylorsville,  Mississippi  601-422-7623  
Fast, quality, reliable, safe hotshot carrier

40ft Flatbed 24,000 weight capacity

Class A CDL 20+ years experience

We deliver nationwide!

USDOT# 3337717, MC#1064753
Monday  10.28.2019
Dalayah Trucking
Katy,  Texas  346-303-9843  
7 trucks (dry vans, flatbed, straight box truck and container) from 24 feet to 53 feet hot shot
Monday  10.28.2019
J&R Allstar Services LLC
Colorado Springs,  Colorado  719-232-4911  
We are small hotshot business based out of Colorado Springs, CO and cover the lower 48 states.

The wife runs the business and the husband drives.

We have a 2014 Ram 3500 with a 35+5 BigTex gooseneck trailer.

We have our own authority and insurance policy. $1M liability and $100K cargo.

Our service is described by our name!
Monday  10.28.2019
Rubicon Valley Hot Shots, LLC
Hudson,  Colorado  720-595-7934  

Andrew D. Farmer
MC#1013844 DOT#323267
hot shot
26 Years of Trucking Experience
Accident Free
2/35+5ft. Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer
Single Car Trailer
2019 GMC Dually 3500HD
2019 Dodge 5500HD

Experienced in: Flat Bed Loads, Livestock, Tankers, Auto Hauler, Containers, Hoppers, Sand, Pneumatic

Insured, Fifth-Wheel Hitch
 rubiconvalleycompanies.comThursday  10.24.2019
Sophisticated Trucking
Atlanta,  Georgia  904-472-5834  
Hotshot with 35ft flatbed Team Drivers

Need Dispatcher to keep me running
Thursday  10.24.2019
Stuart's BLT, LLC
Cordova,  Tennessee  402-212-4221  
We are a logistics and transportation company that delivers the best service to our customers.

Call us for all your Hotshot needs!
Wednesday  10.23.2019
Arkis Trucking Company LLC
Lancaster,  Ohio  740-277-8672  
40+5 foot flatbed goose neck trailer.
hot shot - hotshot
One driver - tow trucks semi and pick up
Monday  10.21.2019
Red Wolf Transportation LLC
Valdese,  North Carolina  828-448-1874  
RWT is a hotshot carrier company with an excellent safety record and over 20 years driving experience.

We have 2018 RAM 3500 Dually and a 2017 Big Tex Trailer.

We can take loads up to 12K lb and 33'. Looking for loads in/around Statesville/Hickory/Asheville covering SE states.
Monday  10.21.2019
Harry's 24-hours Pro Courier Delivery Corp
Decatur,  Georgia  678-897-1978  
Small but dependable and reliable. Specialty hotshots, from state to state, within state and overnight.
Wednesday  10.16.2019
C & B Logistics Express LP
Macon,  Georgia  478-283-4022  
We are a hotshot carrier company that strives for perfection, safety, professionalism and integrity.

We have a 2016 Dodge Dually with a new 2019 Big Tex 25+5 gooseneck flatbed dovetail trailer.

We have our own authority. 1 Million Liability/ $100k cargo insurance coverage.
Wednesday  10.16.2019
Dispatch Kings LLC
Thonotosassa,  Florida  678-308-2911  
OTR Dispatching specializing in Hotshots and Straight Trucks. 6 years prior experience as a broker. Great negotiating skills on rate.
Currently looking to add (3) 26ft Straight Trucks to my board. I specialize in Hotshot and Straight trucks and seeking drivers with their own authority.
hot shot
Flat rate of 10%. Feel free to contact me today.
Monday  10.14.2019
Lycoming Supply
Williamsport,  Pennsylvania  570-974-8097  
We are an Construction Company who buys light & heavy equipment Nationwide for our own use. hot shot - hotshot
Monday  10.07.2019

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