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De La Cerda Transport
Bakersfield,  California  661-662-9546  
We can get cars or anything.
hot shot - hotshot
2010 Silverado 2500 and 2018 32feet flatbed

38 year experience
Monday  06.24.2019
Baker,  Louisiana  225-775-7400  
Hi - We are a sign company that ships all over the United States. hot shot
 illumatechsigns.comMonday  06.24.2019
Redneck Hotshot
Ennis,  Montana  406-589-7624  
I'm a licensed and insured Carrier Owner Operator.

I can gross up to 24,000 lbs on deck have air ride and tilt able to carry 20' up to 40' containers load and unload alone have tarps and much more to offer but our #1 priority is YOU.
hot shot - hotshot
We take pride in customer service and do our absolute best to bring you the customer service you deserve for all states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA. We travel Canada and ALASKA and much more.

For any information you may call or text us at 406-589-7624 we also do over night delivery's as well
Monday  06.24.2019
Scorpion Dispatch
Jersey City,  New Jersey  201-737-0502  
We Dispatch - Hotshots ( Minimum 30 foot ), Dry Vans , Reefers , Flatbeds , Stepdecks & RGN,with your own Authority.
hot shot - hotshot
We have over 100 Years Trucking Industry Experience.

We handle all of your Load Negotiations , Paperwork , Credit Checks , Billing ( if necessary ) , plus a 24/7 Helpline for all your needs while OTR.

Our Dispatchers handle between 2 - 6 Trucks per day based on Truck Type.

We charge from 4% - 10% based on Truck Type and Number of Trucks.

Your Earnings are based on Numerous Factors so it would be Disingenuous to tell you what your Earnings will be. So if any Dispatch Company is telling you that you will be making a certain amount of Money make sure you get it in Writing!! With that being said if your not Clearing at least $80,000 a Year after ALL Expenses you may need to rethink things.

In most cases Dispatch Fees are Tax Deductible**( But always make sure you check with your Tax Professional )**

We Don't have any Long Term Contracts , Either Party may Terminate our Agreement for Any Reason with 24 hour Written Notice by ( Email , Etc., ).

Contact Us:
E-Mail -
Phone/Text - 201-737-1712
Monday  06.24.2019
Reliable Transport
Montgomery,  Alabama  334-531-2700  
2003 Ford F350 Dually Truck with gooseneck capabilities and trailer.
hot shot - hotshot
Clean up after weather related storms, hurricanes and hauling.
Friday  06.21.2019
Freelancer Transport Service
Biloxi,  Mississippi  228 697 8528  
FLT is a relatively new to the carrier business.
hot shot - hotshot
It started in 2015 as something to do and it has since fully expanded in 01/2019
 shipflt.orgWednesday  06.19.2019
Allowme Log
Nashville,  Tennessee  424-333-6042  
We have a team of 15 40ft - 48ft Duallys, based out of Tennessee.
hot shot - hotshot
Perfect safety records, ready for pick up. Nationwide.
Wednesday  06.19.2019
Lancaster Parts & Equipment
Lancaster,  Pennsylvania  717-587-6987  
we sell Farm Equipment. hot shot - hotshot
 www.lancasterparts.comWednesday  06.19.2019
Rose Gold Trucking LLC.
Leesville,  Louisiana  337-718-7945  
Owner Operator, We deliver on time. 30 ft gooseneck trailer. 10,000 lbs capability.
hot shot - hotshot
Professional with excellent track record.

One million Liability, hundred Thousand Cargo Insurance.
Monday  06.17.2019
Godspeed Transportation llc
Dallas,  Texas  678-913-3640  
Please allow us to take care of you're freight hauling needs.
hot shot - hotshot
We have a GMC diesel pulling a 25ft gooseneck with ramps.
Monday  06.17.2019
Constant Freight Inc.
Mableton,  Georgia  678 237 1949  
26 foot straight truck and cargo van.
hot shot - hotshot
Located in South Carolina and Georgia.

Weekends and week days.
Sunday  06.16.2019
Chris Hauling
Dallas,  Texas  214-519-1356  
We take care of all of our clients. If you need anything hauled please let us know.
hot shot - hotshot
I have a 40 ft gooseneck trailer with a 2019 gmc dually ready to pull.

We go from point A to point B and ready to go to the next so please let us know if you have anything available. We be more than happy to help you.
Friday  06.14.2019
Lynne's Transport Services
Lee,  Florida  850-973-3338  
2019 RAM 3500 and a 40 ft. Gooseneck, dove tail with ramp. will haul anywhere. hot shot - hotshot
Wednesday  06.12.2019
Kaz Korp llc
Chicago,  Illinois  773-814-7507  
Hot shot company looking for loads!
hot shot
We have a brand new 30ft Gator trailer, tarps, and a top dollar insurance policy that will leave you worry free!

We can pull upwards to 14,00lbs.

Please call anytime!!!!
Monday  06.03.2019
Dash Delivers
Houston,  Texas  747-230-3352  
I am a small business looking to grow.
hot shot - hotshot
I have a 24ft gooseneck and I am seeking work.

I am a hard worker. Up early and hungry.
Thursday  05.30.2019
C & k transport
Seven Springs,  North Carolina  919-750-2504  
4500 Dodge Ram truck with 40ft gooseneck trailer.
hot shot - hotshot
Can haul anything.
Tuesday  05.28.2019
Big J Trucking
Georgetown,  Texas  432-202-5479  
I have a 40ft trailer and 2018 dodge ram3500. hot shot - hotshot
Tuesday  05.28.2019
Bond Logistics LLC
Hot Springs,  Arkansas  501-282-3478  
Small hotshot company been hauling since 98' most experience in wood shipping containers, aviation, and construction industries. DOT & MC hot shot
Monday  05.27.2019
CABBIE Transport llc
Glendale,  Arizona  602-622-1666  
We are a owner/operator based company with over 25yrs of CDL driving experience.
hot shot - hotshot
We are fully insured and have our own authority.

We run a f550 with a 33ft gooseneck Trailer with MEGA ramps that can haul up to 20,000lbs of freight..we are looking to haul loads or even a dispatch service to help find loads..

"We will follow the money"
Sunday  05.26.2019
Taylor Trucking and Hauling, LLC
Apollo ,  Florida  813-447-3770  
Taylor Trucking and Hauling, LLC is an interstate trucking and hauling company.
hot shot - hotshot
We run Ram and Duramax 1 ton duallies. To add to that we also run 40' gooseneck monster ramps.

We specialize in Partial and LTL freight.

Let us know how we can serve your logistics needs.

Ask for Cedric
Wednesday  05.22.2019
Rock'N Shoe LLC
Eaton,  Colorado  970-227-8620  
When you need it there yesterday! We operate 24/7

Rock'N Shoe LLC located in Eaton, CO (Northern Colorado)

Call 307-631-5897 or 970-227-8620

Hotshot hauling in 49 states and Canada. OPEN 24/7 Family owned and operated. Safe and reliable - references available. hot shot

Have Freightliner, Dodge 5500, F550, Dodge 3500, F350 all ready to go! We have flatbeds!! 40' trailer, 36' trailer 53' trailer and 24' trailers currently available.

Fair rates and discount on shared loads. Call us anytime!
Check out our website.
Call 307-631-5897 or 970-227-8620
Professional results every time!

Licensed, Insured, DOT compliant. SAFELAND Certified

We haul oil and gas equipment, heavy equipment, pipe, construction materials and more. Call and we'll haul!
 www.rocknshoe.comTuesday  05.21.2019
Borimex Transport LLC
Laredo,  Texas  713-360-9911  
We operate 4 Heavy Duty Dually Trucks With Professional Experienced CDL DRIVERS.
hot shot - hotshot
Please Give Us A Call or Email Us For Any Questions or Quotes.
Monday  05.20.2019
Woodland Transport, LLC
Hattiesburg,  Mississippi  601-530-9918  
We have a 40 ft' gooseneck trailer equipped with our own chains and straps.
hot shot - hotshot
$! Million in Liability and $100K in Cargo Coverage.
Sunday  05.19.2019
Miles In Motion LLC
Wausau,  Wisconsin  715-551-1079  
Nationwide Dispatching Service. Helping you make the most of your miles in motion! hot shot - hotshot
 www.milesinmotionllc.comSunday  05.19.2019
QMaster Freight, LLC
Stone Mountain,  Georgia  (404) 410-9114  
QMaster Freight is a 3rd party logistics company specializing in moving freight across the U.S. With access to multiple loadboards to ensure we keep you moving.
dispatch - hot shot - hotshot
We will find you a truck or a load! MC#360363 DOT#2225107

Call today let us show you the QMaster Advantage:

* We operate with integrity
* We will make you money
* And we wont gouge you on doing business!

Ask for Cassie & Mike!
 qmasterfreight.comWednesday  05.15.2019
M&K Equipment Hauling LLC
Little Rock,  Arkansas  501-246-1469  
I have 2 3/4 ton trucks and 2 gooseneck trailers and can carry up to 10 thousand pounds and 32 footlong.
hot shot - hotshot
Also have a 20 foot flip trailer for Equipment that can carry 8000 pounds
Monday  05.13.2019
Daylight Hauling LLC
Marietta,  Georgia  229-200-2599  
A single truck company with a 40 foot(17,000lbs) flatbed for hauling in the US southeastern region. hot shot - hotshot
Sunday  05.12.2019
Scott's Carriers llc
Wildwood,  Florida  352-229-9441  
New start up hot shot company with Ram 3500 and 40 ft gooseneck trailer. hotshot
Sunday  05.12.2019
O's Cargo Expedite
Fairfield,  California  707-419-9845  
Mercedes Benz 3500 Capacity 15' length, 54 width. 68 H at door up to 4500 lbs=4 pallets. hot shot - hotshot
Saturday  05.11.2019
BOS Trucking LLC
Mobile,  Alabama  251-466-5411  
We are a small company that operates with 2 Dodge Ram 3500 and 40 ft gooseneck trailers. hot shot - hotshot
Wednesday  05.08.2019
Axis Concepts Inc.
Roseville,  California  916-367-6200  
Frequently ship from CA to all over the shot - hotshot
 apolloopeningroof.comWednesday  05.08.2019
Adillon LLC
Magnolia,  Mississippi  985-318-4822  
I have a 40" trailer I can carry up to 13,000 lbs
hot shot - hotshot
I have 15 years over the road experience, class A cdl,

Want to go to Mississippi, Louisiana,Texas, Alabama etc..within 500 mile radius
Wednesday  05.08.2019
M Smith Logistics
Nashville,  Tennessee  615-496-7667  
I'm currently dispatching a Hi-Roof Cargo Van, which can handle 10,000 lbs at a length of 10 feet and 2 40' Hot Shots. hot shot
Sunday  05.05.2019
Hammer Lane & Sons Transportation
Lancaster,  Texas  469-386-6202  
Company dedicated to quality service.
hot shot - hotshot
We operate a Dodge Ram 3500 with a 24 & 40 ft gooseneck flatbeds with ramp.
Sunday  05.05.2019
RKR Haulers
State Line,  Mississippi  601-381-2564  
We have one ton trucks with forty foot flatbed trailers and we are looking for loads. hot shot - hotshot
Friday  05.03.2019
Rodney Hampton
Prattville,  Alabama  912 432-6029  
Retired Military veteran - Vehicle used is a Ford E 250 Cargo van.
hot shot - hotshot
Prefer to haul in the Southeast but will make exceptions for the right load.

Will haul 2200 lbs or less
Wednesday  05.01.2019
9 Line Truck & Transportation LLC
Brownwood,  Texas  254-833-4123  
We are a Texas based company that is a Veteran Owned and Operated HotShot outfit that is service driven and mission focused to supply you with your logistical planning no matter what your product.
hot shot
Please email us or call us anytime day or night and we will be happy to talk with you about how we can assist with getting your product picked up or delivered.

Helping each other to build this nation is how it always was done and should continue to follow in the footsteps of our history.

Call us anytime and ask for Ro Castillo (Founder and Owner)

 www.9linetransportation.comTuesday  04.30.2019
C&C Trucking
Laredo,  Texas  956-615-2815  
hot shot service.. 48 states CDL driver with 21yrs. in truck business, new model truck with 40' flatbed. hotshot
Sunday  04.28.2019
Caribou Dispatch & Logistics
Holden,  Missouri  816-345-5998  
We appreciate our clients (O/O & Drivers) and strive to efficiently and effectively serve each one based on their preferences. Client input is of the utmost importance to ccomplish this goal.
Freight can be fun and lucrative with the right team pursuing it together. We endeavor to be that crucial member of the team that helps make the effort pay off.

Together with good communication and industry skills applied, we can advocate for the owner/operator and negotiate terms that meet safe and valuable returns.

Join us to accomplish success in freight hauling for all involved.

Caribou & You!  04.26.2019
OLS Hotshot Services
San Antonio,  Texas  210-542-2475  
Driver is CDL Class A, DOT and years of experience.
hot shot - hotshot
We have 3 trucks and 4 trailers which include a 40 foot flatbed.  04.25.2019
ACME Truck Line, Inc.
Houston,  Texas  713-678-1340  
Specializing in Oil and Gas with expedited freight. hot shot - hotshot
Wednesday  04.24.2019
Carway Transport LLC
Atlanta,  Georgia  770-687-8214  
40' hotshot FLAT trailer with ramps, tarps, chains.
hot shot - hotshot
I can haul up to 9500lbs.

Safety, Quality, Professionalism
Tuesday  04.23.2019
Lange Freight & Logistics, LLC
Cincinnati,  Ohio  513-490-5046  
I have a 600 mile radius from Cincinnati and am authorized to carry autos. auto hauler
Friday  04.19.2019
Freeman's Dispatching Company
Freeman,  Missouri  816 533 5215  
Freeman's Dispatching Company assists with the back office support of daily business activities that occur to accommodate with their busy schedules. hot shot - hotshot dispatch
 www.freemandispatcing.comThursday  04.18.2019
A&C Trucking 1 LLC
Washougal,  Washington  360-835-0642  
We have 40' hot shots that run up and down the I5 corridor in Oregon and Washington. hot shot - hotshot
Wednesday  04.17.2019
HITS Trucking
Rverton,  Wyoming  307-359-2931  
I have a 35' trailer and can haul up to 18,000lbs.
hot shot - hotshot
I am always looking for hauls originating in central Wyoming.
Tuesday  04.16.2019
Morgan Winds llc
Oconto Falls,  Wisconsin  920-655-8324  
We are a shipping container retail sales company and are looking for flatbed or step deck trucks coming out of Chicago to pick up containers and deliver to our yard north of Green Bay.

We have fork lifts on both ends.
 www.morganwinds.comTuesday  04.16.2019
Tex Star Hotshot
Coldspring,  Texas  281-642-2731  
I have a 40 ft Heavy duty trail can haul up to 18 K.
hot shot - hotshot
Looking for load in texas.
Thursday  04.11.2019
Stone Center LLC
Columbus,  Ohio  614-276-3585  
We fabricate Indiana limestone.
hot shot - hotshot
Occasionally need smaller quantities of palletized stone moved.
Thursday  04.11.2019
Dawson Logistics Inc
Durham,  North Carolina  919-423-3752  
Freight company with two new 53' dry vans and one sprinter van, dedicated to providing you with an outstanding service.
hot shot hotshot
We TRANSPORT to most major cities in the lower 48.

Looking for a dedicated lanes with a reputable company!
Thursday  04.11.2019

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