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United Dispatch
Cedar Rapids,  Iowa  800-428-9272  
United Dispatch - Your Logistics Provider, We arrange Shipments of General commodities into or out of manufacturing facilities throughout the US and Canada.
hot shot
Customer service does not end at 5pm, & for that reason, our customers contact us to alleviate them of the many details required to operate a 24/7 operation.

We take care of everything, and make certain all the Important details are completed, No surprises, simply put - We do what we say, and have been for over 35 years.
 www.UnitedDispatch.comWednesday  07.15.2020
Polar Bear Loads LLC
Cape Coral,  Florida  972-296-4277  
Polar Bear Loads LLC VOTED #1, Hot Shot Masters
hot shot hotshot
We are the first dispatch service in the USA Open 10 years YOU WANT EXPERIENCE ON YOUR SIDE WHEN IT COMES TO KEEPING YOUR FAMILY FED.

We are looking for Owner Operators who have their Own Authority and need Loads consistently and are serious over the road drivers. We will keep your company on the move and in the money at every moment possible. You want experience on your side.
Weigh the odds:

1. Per hour dispatcher $2-$3,00 per week for you. That charges extra to submit your paperwork.

2. One that works on commission. $6-$9,000 per week for you with no extra charges?
Easy answer

Our average money with loads is $6,000--$10,000 (PER WEEK) (AVERAGE) depending on the route they are on. Current average: $5,600-$9,350 (Per week) This is for 40ft Flatbed Hot Shots
RGN (averages) $14,000-$19,000 (per week)
Out 2 weeks, Home as long as you like.

You are assigned (1) dispatcher, somebody is always on call for breakdown help or motel search or any trucking issue.

We handle the paperwork process for you, we find discount fuel, find repair shop if needed and discounted hotel rates, and much more.


We book loads for the following units:
Hotshot Flatbeds(30ft-53ft)
RGN and Step decks. (ALL 30Ft to 53ft)
Van and Reefer (48ft-53ft)

We don't promise the world but, but we are upfront with you. If you are making pickups, then you are making money. If there is an empty space on trailer there is money to be made and we will load every spot we can.

We have multiple offices throughout the country to serve you throughout the country. It doesn't matter where you live, this does not limit where we find loads. Your assigned dispatcher can help you.

Come join the Polar Bear Loads dispatch service & let us be part of your team.

For more info please call (Recruiting) at 239-673-8228 or 972-296-4277 Candie or you can email ( ) OR (

*My husband drove for 24 yrs. and has over 3 million miles behind him all as an O/OP. He also drove the Alaskan Ice Roads. We know what it takes to succeed.

Very easy and no hidden fees. What we do is in writing.
Monday  07.13.2020
Houston  Texas  800.659.9106  
Attention Owner Operators, Get 50% off of your 1st Weeks Invoice When You Sign Up For Truck Dispatcher Services.

Let Us Find Loads For You. We Will Keep Your Trucks Loaded, Moving and Profitable.
You Only Pay When We Find a Load For Your Truck.

We Service All Trailers and We Specialize in Moving Box Trucks, Sprinter Vans and HotShots.
We Care About Your Bottom Line.
 www.dispatchmytrucks.comWednesday  07.08.2020
Fortunate One Hotshot Services
San Antonio,  Texas  210-264-7262  
40' flatbed w/ramps and can load 16k. hot shot - hotshot
Wednesday  07.08.2020
98 Auto Salvage LLC
Florence,  Mississippi  601-227-5246  
1 ton truck and 40" ft trailer. With CDL license. hot shot - hotshot
Tuesday  07.07.2020
MGA International
Cincinnati,  Ohio  844-334-0039  
MGA International Logistics is a Toronto-based trucking company that offers trucking, transportation, and logistics services.
hot shot step deck
We are well equipped to fulfill all your trucking, freight logistics & transportation needs with 100% safe delivery.

For More details please visit our website.  07.06.2020
Thomason Transport LLC
Willow Spring,  North Carolina  919-793-5676  
I have a GMC sierra 3500hd dually and 40ft Gatormade trailer with ramps.

Will haul anything up to 15000 lbs

Saturday  07.04.2020
Blackburn Transporters
La Fayette,  Georgia  606-899-1904  
Currently have 4 Class A driver positions available.
hot shot
Please email resume, verifiable references to:

We will contact you as soon as you send the requested info!!
Friday  07.03.2020
Prolific Dispatching Services LLC
Houston,  Texas  832-422-7596  
40 ft. H/S 18,700 lbs. hot shot
2/40 ft. H/S 20,000 lbs.
40 ft. H/S 18,000 lbs.
28 ft. H/S 5,500 lbs.
2/53 ft. Dry/Van 45,000 lbs.
24 ft. Box Truck 10,000
Thursday  07.02.2020
Northern Kentucky Business Delivery Services
Union,  Kentucky  859-534-2280  
small LTL transport company/carrier in the Northern Kentucky area..
hot shot
I currently have a 20' flat deck, a 16' utility trailer and may soon buy a 28' flatbed truck and a 30' gooseneck trailer as my business grows..
 www.nkbds.comWednesday  07.01.2020
Steve's Transport LLC
Columbia,  South Carolina  803-979-1089  
Tow-away service transporting travel trailers, boats, water craft, ATV's, etc. Cargo Insured at 200k hot shot
 www.steve-transport.comWednesday  06.24.2020
Voral Logistics LLC
Raleigh,  North Carolina  718-688-9810  
Carrier with 2 Hotshot 40 ft flatbed trailer with ramps.
Thursday  06.18.2020
Exquisite Professional Service
Houston,  Texas  281-235-6348  
Carrier company specializing in Hotshot, RGN, Sprinter van and PO loads in Houston Texas
Monday  06.15.2020
Nile Solutions Group, Inc.
Richardson,  Texas  337-504-8186  
Our sprinter van service covers small shipments that need to move quickly, local, regional and national.
Whether you ship one time or need dedicated pickup and delivery service, we have equipment that can be dedicated to your business operation.
 www.nilesolutionsgroup.comThursday  06.04.2020
Prometheus Transport Inc
Los Angeles  California  323-867-1774  
Transport Freight goosneck trailer 40ft flat bet with Ramp
hot shot - hotshot
Authority 48 State
USDOT 3387657
MC 1088266
CA 560784
Sunday  05.31.2020
Dampier Transport LLC
NewHebron,  Mississippi  601-4552156  
40ft flatbed gooseneck trailer with ramp F450 Ford Truck 18000lb
hot shot - hotshot
home base Newhebron Mississippi
Saturday  05.30.2020
Generation Enterprises LLC
Dallas,  Texas  214-490-9641  
We provide quality dispatch services.
hot shot - hotshot
Looking for Owner Operators that need to run under an authority as well.
Tuesday  05.19.2020
Steve's Transport
Columbia,  South Carolina  803-262-6533  
Tow-away service transporting travel trailers, boats, water craft, ATV's, etc. 10,000 lbs or less.
hot shot - hotshot
Currently on USHIP transporting all over the US
2017 GMC Sierra Crew Cab SLT Short Bed

Please send email for requests:
Monday  05.18.2020
Sense of Urgency Delivery LLC
St louis,  Missouri  314-322-6663  
I have a 26' box truck with lift gate, pallet jack. I can haul up to 8,000lbs
hot shot
We are reliable, efficient and most importantly ready to pick up and deliver 24 hours a day 7 days a week, just give us a call or send an email/text!
Monday  05.18.2020
Ashe Expediting Service
Indianapolis,  Indiana  317-520-6346  
I have one 2015 Promaster 3500 Sprinter van, (60 inches in width)(65 inches in height)(55 inches between wheell wells)(136 inches in length) able to carry 4,100Lbs.
hot shot
DOT3388845 MC01089100. I have $1,000,000 cargo through Progressive, will travel NATION WIDE
Monday  05.18.2020
Ashe Expediting Service
Indianapolis,  Indiana  317-520-6346  
I own one 2015 Promaster 3500 Sprinter (length 136in) (width 60in) (height 65in)
hot shot
DOT3388845 MC01089100 ready to roll

$1,000,000 Cargo through Progressive (Nation Wide Delivery)
Monday  05.18.2020
L & D Hot Shot Service LLC
Grapevine,  Texas  214-390-3262  
We are a family owned and operated company with NAICS industry number of 484110.

DBE/CMBL/D&B/SAM certified. SCAC coded.

The business was started in May 2017. Our staff has over 10 years experience in the trucking industry.

L & D Hot Shot Service LLC will offer the transportation services of freight, safe and trustworthy, while connecting customers.

L & D Hot Shot Service LLC intends to operate as a general carrier of merchandise and other items for companies and individuals. As such, it is difficult to determine the average customer of the company as the business will have the licensure and the ability to effectively move any type of merchandise.

We operate using a 1-ton Dodge Ram 3500, 38ft deck over trailer with mega ramps. Our truck is monitored with GPS tracking. Our securing equipment consist of straps, chains & binders, and tarps to protect your freight.

We service Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
 www.LDHotShot.comWednesday  05.13.2020
Wilfredo Avalos llc
Denver,  Colorado  720-933-9469  
24ft long box truck with lift gate.
hot shot - hotshot
Offering all delivery services
Tuesday  05.12.2020
Road Runner Hot Shot, LLC
Kingman,  Arizona  928-377-6936  
4 trucks available,
one 25' box truck,
2 40' hot shot trucks, hotshot
1 tractor with a 48' flat bed.
Tuesday  05.12.2020
Creative Trading, LLC
Wesley Chapel,  Florida  813-368-6306  
Carrier with 2 40' Flatbed Hotshots run OTR and local to Florida. hot shot
Tuesday  05.12.2020
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